Crystal-Phi produces a blanket that challenges your beliefs around crystal technology. The effects are calming, centered energy and clarity. They are great for children when you want them to calm down or prepare for bedtime. It’s great for ME when I want to wind down and focus on rest. These are a fan favorite and coming soon to the Beautifully Broken Podcast in season 3.

Freddie Kimmel

The Beautifully Broken Podcast

I love my Crystal-Phi blanket! It helps me sleep SO much better. And I have found my blanket helps reduce the achiness, fatigue and tight muscles I usually have with long drives or flights.

Constance Rock

Licensed Midwife & Happy Customer

I love my crystal-phi blanket! I lay it across my office chair and wrap myself in it when I am doing computer work to feel cozy as well as block EMF’s. The material is soft yet durable making it really feel like a protective layer.

Bree Lauren

Owner of Lekuna Intimate and Doula, Happy Customer, USA

Crystal-Phi blankets have been transformational. I used the travel blanket during my pregnancy and it especially helped me during my first trimester soothing nausea and helping me ground my energy. I also had really lovely rest and naps during the day with this incredible blankie! The baby blanket has also been our go to! It is our favorite blanket we use with our daughter Magic. Just like how I feel using the blanket, she immediately calms down and becomes more focused if she’s awake. She goes to sleep faster when she’s tired and rests longer and more deeply. Also its so soft and cozy ! We co-sleep at night and use the baby blanket to cuddle with. I swear it helps with my leaky boobs when night nursing!


Happy Customer, USA

Crystal-Phi blankets have been such a sweet addition to our meditation. We used them with Saffira, our baby daughter when we’ve travelled for soothing vibes and i use it above my bed and below my meditation sheepie in the morning. Grateful to have two, one for me and a little one for my daughter. Thanks for putting so much intention into this product.

Sage Aurora

Mamma and Yoga Instructor

I love snuggling with my Crystal-Phi blanket while I do my morning meditation and mala practice. 

Monica Casanova

Yogi, Ayurvedic Practitioner, and Doula, Happy Customer, USA

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